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The view that nature must be subordinated to mankind is not much supported in the Bible (except in Genesis 1:28). It is of more recent origin. The idea that mankind, or that trading companies, or the crown or state should dominate and rule over nature, dates only a few centuries back to the Age of the Renaissance or the 1500s and 1600s.   This view of nature reached its climax in the 1800s and 1900s, and is now losing ground.
        During the last few decades, first environmentalists, later more and more people with different interests and backgrounds, and now even a majority, realize that the consequences of those ideas are totally unsustainable and leading to global catastrophe.
        However, reorientation leading away from abuses of nature, still has not reached the language abuses about nature. Ecologists too have been brainwashed by state nationalistic propaganda. So far they have not drawn our attention to the state nationalistic falsification of terminology, classification and descriptions of what belongs to nature.       

        We must distinguish between different branches of geography.
        The most important branches of geography in our age are natural geography and political geography.
Other branches may be economic geography and cultural geography.

        Alas, political geography is nowadays very widely abused to replace natural geography in connection with almost anything which belongs to nature!

        If we are to describe nature in relation to geography, we must use natural geographical  terms. Whoever describes nature in (solely) political geographical terms, violates and desecrates nature! - and also pollutes our mental environment!
        This rule that we must use natural geography about nature, applies to everything that belongs to nature and to Planet Earth.

        Animals   can never have nationality.  Species of animals, fauna, ecosystems (like e. g. wetlands) can never have nationality.
        Plants   can never have nationality.  Flowers (wild or bred), grass, cereals, bushes, trees, pastures, forests, etc.  can never have nationality.
        Minerals, ore, bedrock,  or water, ice, snow, can never have nationality.  The crude oil under the North Sea has no nationality, even if it is brought ashore in Scotland or England or Norway and may be processed and sold by companies that call themselves british or norwegian. The same applies to iron ore, and also to hydroelectric power, even if it is "exported"!
          Features and characters of landscape and nature can never have nationality.  This means that mountains, hills, fields, meadows, marshes and swamps, lakes, rivers, sounds, bays and fjords, seas, coasts, islands and peninsulas can never have nationality.   There is no "danish" west coast, because it is the west coast of Jutland (only). And there is no italian peninsula, because it is named the Apennine peninsula from the mountains of the Apennine range there.
        The air can never have nationality.  There are no vertical boundaries in the atmosphere around the planet. It is also true that:  Weather, climate and seasons can never have nationality.   There has never existed any "swedish" summer, and no "canadian" winter. But we may talk of nordic summer or of arctic summer, and of mediterranean summer, - or winter.

        If you should be in doubt....  Why not ask the river Seine and the bottle of wine if they are french, ask the lemons if they are italian or what, ask the tulips if they are dutch or turkish, ask the little red robin or your dog (if you have one) if they are english. And then you should listen carefully, and go by the correct answers you get from them!

(If you learn to ask this way, it will possibly make you wiser.) 

NATIONALITY  is a category for HUMANS and groups of humans only, because only humans - and no animals - are capable of recognizing it.  N.B:! Nationality in its true and correct meaning has nothing to do with citizenship!   A person's own feeling and experience of belonging determines his or her nationality. A person's nationality may change during her or his lifetime, but it can only be changed by the individual person himself!   -  and never by any state, regional, local, or religious authority!  Such change may be caused by new self-identification with another group than earlier in the person's life.

RACE  is a category for both HUMANS and ANIMALS.  It is usually determined by visible outer characteristics (or more seldom by internal organic differences)
SPECIES  is a category for ANIMALS and PLANTS, but it may also be used about some non-organic parts of nature.

        Here are a few concepts which we may use to adequately describe and denote the state totalitarian view of nature that is contrary to nature itself:
            nazi biology     bio-nazism     nazi-science     nazi view of nature
            nazi world view     nature nazism     bio-fascism     fascist state biology

fascist state science

Very unfortunately, nature nazism is also propagated by many well-educated professionals with special knowledge in branches of natural sciences!!:   botanists, zoologists, entomologists, ornitologists, geologists, meteorologists, ecologists!! - but also by experts of other subjects:  archaeologists, historians, administrators, and others.

        Many tourist organizations and agencies propagate state totalitarian and nazi ideas about nature.  In this sphere, Sweden is probably the most evil example ever in the whole world (nazi Germany included). The realmwide association "Svenska Turistföreningen (STF)", which was founded in 1885, was purely swedish nazi until around 1950, and contributed a lot to swedish nazi brainwashing of young people, especially in the 1930s and 1940s. At present, the central organization of STF is a lot better. But instead, many regional and local tourist agencies in Sweden have now ostentatiously revived the old swedish nature nazism and culture nazism in their vulgar swedish state nationalistic marketing, and especially so in swedish language versions for domestic subjects of the state.
        For this reason, the Freethinker's Wordbook now has to warn tourists, and to recommend that you look out for and do not to take part in organized swedish nazi touristic activities anywhere within Sweden, and that you should not spend more money on tourist trade in Sweden than you have to.  You may also shun arrangements etc. where there are lots of blue and yellow swedish state flags.

In Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and certainly also in Britain, nature nazi phrases teem and swarm everywhere in society, in media, marketing, education, etc. etc. Here are some everyday examples from Sweden (translated):
"swedish mushrooms"      "swedish birds"     "swedish butterflies"     "swedish cattle"     "swedish spruces"    "swedish garden flowers"     "swedish freshwater fauna"     "swedish mountains"     "swedish rivers",
        and in the food shop:
"swedish meat"     "swedish apples"     "swedish cucumber"     "swedish strawberries"    
"swedish potatoes", instead of "potatoes from" + a local name.
        Of course, strawberries or cucumbers grown within the boundaries of the realm of Sweden are no separate and disitinctive species. They are nothing at all different from those grown within the realms of Norway or Finland.
        (Some processed food may deservedly carry regional names of origin from their original recipes, e. g. parmesan cheese, karelian pasty, pilsner beer.)

        Humans have created Canada and the USA, Norway and Sweden, Germany and the "hexagon" of France, and the boundary between Wales and England.    But:
        Nature has formed America, North America and South America, Europe, Scandinavia and the Scandinavian peninsula, the Alps and the Carpathians, Amazonas, Chaco, Pampas and Patagonia, Severnside, Merseyside and the Cheviot Hills, the Massif Central and the Rhône valley, Asia Minor and Anatolia, the Sinai and the Niger delta, Punjab and Bengal  
(but not Bangladesh, Nigeria or Turkey).
        There exists no swedish nature, neither any norwegian nature, and certainly no swiss nature, or tanzanian nature, or......
Let us take Scandinavia, Jutland and the Danish Isles. Neither of the realms of  Norway, Sweden and Denmark coincide with any coherent NATURAL geographical region.  All three realms have several or many such regions within their state boundaries. At the same time, those realms are parts of larger natural geographical areas:  Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Europe, Eurasia.
        Therefore, phrases like "swedish nature" and "norwegian nature" are nothing else than state totalitarian nature nazi propaganda, sustaining the idea that the state or a dominant ethnic group shall also rule everything that belongs to nature.
        The idea is totally grotesque in its consequences. Think of it, that both the arctic landscape by the North Cape and the pleasant coastal landscape east of the Oslo Fjord (1500 km farther south) are both reckoned as "norwegian nature", but then suddenly, half-way beween Oslo and Göteborg the classification of that same coastal landscape changes into "swedish nature".
        South of the 63rd parallel (63º north) there is no natural geographical boundary which largely coincides with the political state boundary between the realms of Norway and Sweden. The mountain range is west of the norwegian Eastland region, which also as a cultural region overlaps large stretches of land that belong to Sweden. And there is of course no natural geographical boundary between the two banks of the Tornio river, which river is state boundary between Finland and Sweden. Even the Sound = Øresund, which is state boundary between Denmark and Sweden, is no boundary between different types of nature. Nature in western Scania is similar to nature in Seeland.
        To pretend that there is anything we may call "swedish nature", different from "finnish nature" and from "norwegian nature" is state nationalistic NONSENSE, entirely and completely contrary to nature!

Those who maintain that nature has nationality, are agents for state totalitarianism!  Very deplorably, we also find many such agents in idealistic organizations and in statal and regional authorities who are to work for nature conservancy and ecology.

        If you don't want to support nature nazism:
        You should also refuse to use the nazi term  "national park"!  
(which was coined in north american english language).
According to a map of 2003, all nature conservation areas in Britain but one, are named with the anti-natural term "national parks"!
Always replace those words with e. g.:  nature conservation area, nature protection area, nature park, nature sanctuary.
(Collins English Dictionary lists 7 meanings of the word "sanctuary". Number 1 is: "holy place", and number 7 is: "a place protected by law, where animals, esp. birds can live and breed without interference".)

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