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        State nationalism suppresses free thoughts, regions, minorities and individuals, it fosters ignorance and intolerance, it causes ethnocide (Kulturmord), prejudices and hatred.
        Therefore it is important to:

        promote freedom of thoughts
and their expression and new ways of non-state thinking;

        develop new terminology for non-state thinking, because we have no appropriate terminology today, and it is difficult to discuss adequately without such a terminology;

        develop non-state culture and science, such as geography based on nature, regions, cities, and ethnic groups as a complement or an alternative to state-nation geography;

        liberate culture, science and sports from state-nation bondage and narrow political considerations;

        oppose state-nation propaganda, axiomatic state-nation thinking and language manipulations that contribute to the false belief that state nationalism is the only natural system;

        oppose all unnecessary use of state-nations as reckoning, reference, and assorting units.

State nationalism with its newspeak has changed and corrupted the meaning of words like country and nation, and a great number of other words.
        The state nationalistic abuse of the words "nation" and "national", which started in England and France, has now so thoroughly pervaded and penetrated large parts of the world, that we must STOP USING those words completely, - just in order that we may think and formulate ourselves freely and independently, and in order to make ourselves correctly understood!!
        We must defend ethnic and regional pluralism and variety. We want "unity in diversity" - not "unity in sameness".
        We should not vilify genuine ethnic regional patriotism or national feelings, but "only" attack state nationalism and its propaganda, which in every single state is programmed to construct spurious, false "national feelings" for a state, realm, republic, or union.
        State nationalism kills ethnic, cultural and regional diversity within the boundaries of each single state.

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